Since my business is only 2 years old, and I'm starting to get some positive testimonials from my customers. I did borrow some testimonials from books, and from the Essiac Circle of Friends who have been using/selling this Essiac tea for years. (Thank you ECF and also HealthFreedom.info who allowed me to share). Below you will find Testimonials for Pets as well. Much of my business is devoted to dogs and cats. The turn around time for our fur babies can be fast. 

Inserts from the book, *"ESSIAC ESSENTIALS"

*From Mr. A.M. March 1991 Age 67

1987-Lung Cancer diagnosed. "I was spitting up blood and knew myself it was likely cancer. I was initially treated with radiation and a form of chemotherapy. As of 1988 I was given 6 months to live.

Mr. A.M started taking Essiac and immediately felt a sense of well-being. He experienced a beneficial change in his eating and elimination habits and had no side effects while taking the tea. 

March of 1991 he states: "I am feeling very good as of now. I must give Essiac most of the credit for my recovery."

1992- Mrs A.M. was sent a questionnaire by the Ontario Cancer Institute requesting details of her husbands death! She replied, "He is feeling fine and I feel he is free of the cancer, thanks to Essiac." I would hope that Essiac would be given to chance to help every patient, but before the treatment begun, not when given up and a foot in the grave!"

1995- Mr. M continuing to take Essiac and reported that he felt it had built up his immune system and appetite. 

1997: Still taking Essiac and still very well.

1998: Continues to progress. Spent the previous winter refurbishing a house in Toronto!

*Mr. E. K. Age 68

May 1993: Malignant tumor in the prostate was diagnosed. "As soon as I discovered I had cancer, I started drinking 4 Qts of carrot juice daily plus raw vegetables and fruit, so I felt my body was detoxified when I started the tea."

Aug 1993: "They removed my testicles and I was very sick with a lot of pain. I was given shots of morphine. A course therapy was recommended (anti-estrogen Flutamide) but Mr. K was unable to tolerate it. There was no improvement in his condition. "I was told in these words 'the horse is already out of the barn'.

The doctor was only trying to prolong my life. I started taking Essiac (2 Fluid Ounces daily) and couldn't believe how much better I felt in about 12 days.) 

Sept. 1993- "I had my last bout with pain. I was able to tolerate the pain with strong aspirin tablet.

Oct. 1993- My PSA (prostate specific antigen) level was 3.0. It had been 400 in August of 1993. Each day I continue to feel so much better...I was amazed."


*David V- UK Aug 1998, age 44.

I was diagnosed with metastasis in January 1998. The primary tumor on the kidney had produced a second tumor on my chest wall near the throat and a third in my right femur. The oncologist told me that there was nothing they could do for me because the cancer had already spread too far. They could only offer me palliative treatment when I would be needing it later. They put a nail down the center of the femur to stabilize it and zapped it two months later with a single dose of radiotherapy. They offered me chemotherapy but I turned it down because they could only guarantee that it would make me feel awful."

"At the time of the visit to the oncologist, I was told that I had six months to live. I just would not accept this. I had done my research on the Essiac formula and decided to go with that. I have been taking it for 6 months now and I feel great. I'm working and that includes traveling between the UK, Central Europe, Canada and the U.S."

"I had to make the first half-yearly appointment to see the oncologist again. He wouldn't do it because he was so convinced that I wouldn't be around to see him. He started laughing when I walked into his office three weeks ago."

" 'You don't look ill' he said. Then one of the other doctors came in. "Is this the guy that should not be here?' He asked.

"Neither of them could explain why I was still around and looking fit. I asked the oncologist how he would explain it if I was around in another six months. He just shrugged and said, 'Then you didn't have cancer!' "

"So if I die, I had cancer. If I live, despite the cancer-positive results of the previous tests, I didn't have cancer. So who is in denial?"


L Nicholson 

Does Essiac work ? Well…. I have given it to 12 people ( learned of it when my hubby was ill ) 4 of the 12 terminal. Well, all 4 are thriving. The other 8 doing great . Not 1 month later. Longest is 8 years later. This is NOT snake oil! Cancers ranged from pancreatic to colon to ovarian. All followed doctors protocol plus essiac. Except one who did not want to do chemo for her breast cancer. She is doing very well. I buy from a reliable source which I feel is key. 

Mary for Hershey Dog  Feb. 2021

"Miraculous"! That is the only word I can describe after seeing our Pitt, Hershey, go from death's door to 2 walks a day! After several weeks of incontenance and a bleeding rectum, our vet diagnosed Hershey with cancer. We took her home for 2 days so everyone could say their good byes.  I called my friend who came over with some Essiac tea. She drank it on her own. The next day the bleeding had stopped and Hershey managed to make it out to potty on her own. She slept through the night so we were able to sleep as well. That was July 11th, 2020 and now Hershey takes 2 walks a day and is doing great and it's February of 2021! We are so thankful for the Essiac from Herbgoddess. 

J Rocchio for Pet

My cat Tigger was very sick with sores that would not heal on his skin. After many tests the vet found a large mass in his lung. He was diagnosed as lymphoma and Leukemia. I had to have surgery to remove his skin surrounding the sores. Using Essiac tea that I make from the herbs, it completely allowed the skin to heal. The tumor has also began to shrink. It has been two years. He was supposed to have passed by now. He was doing well and is a very happy kitty.


D Kalina for Pet

My lab was diagnosed with an aggressive sarcoma when he was 5…they gave him 2 months at best. He was in bad shape and wouldn’t drink or eat anything and could even get up. (We had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom). I gave him some essiac tea and he drank it! That was the only thing he would take. Within 3 weeks, he was like a new puppy, eating everything, drinking, running around like a puppy. It was AMAZING! I stopped giving it to him after a month and we noticed the tumor growing again. I started him back on the essiac tea and kept him on it for 6 months. He lived to be 14 and died from a car accident. It is definitely worth trying!

VB for Pet

Saved my dogs life. Reversed osteosarcoma. She has two disgnosis of cancer from different vets. She lived and her case was researched by university of illinois vet school. My vet was blown away. It works.

Teresa for Pet

My dog had Lymphosarcoma I watched a grapefruit sized tumor on her throat shrink to the size of a small plum. All I did was follow Rene Caisse’s directions EXACTLY and change my dogs food to a clean food. I had the vet tell me that I was winning the battle and to keep giving her the Essiac Tea. I added Tumeric to her diet to increase the antioxidants. I learned from a world class biologist that antioxidants are important immune boosters and a strong immune system is important in fighting disease, including cancer. The science of Immunotherapy confirms that.

Nirupama for Pet
Oct 2019

Essiac Tea worked for my pet Toby. He is still alive. He had a tumor in his left paw that was raw and red. When I first adopted him, he would growl at me when I try to look at it even. The doctor recommended removing it surgically but since he was aggressive and extremely anxious with a history of trauma. I knew aftercare would not be possible with him. So after much prayer, I found essiac tea. I made a batch, and gave it orally using a dropper. After about a few weeks-months, the red tumor (it was raw red and hairless), started to grow tiny hairs. I highly recommend the product. 
I remember my vet asking if I had gone to another vet to get the tumor removed. He actually took a picture of the product for himself.  Toby is a happy, healthy baby now and not aggressive at all! BTW- I stopped the supplement after his tumor went away.. about after 6-7 months. New growth is in a different place and I am very hopeful for round 2.
I prayed a lot for Toby since he was miserable in his situation so that was another factor as well- but I truly believe this is God sent.

OCT. 2019

Sister's Customer via phone conversation: 

 My sis sells Essiac tea and just had a testimonial from a man that was not even able to walk because of his lung cancer. He refused Chemo and radiation because of his age. He said after a few days of drinking Essiac that he started coughing up terrible stuff from his lungs. That settled down after a few days. Before a week was up, he started walking again. After 8 months his lung cancer was gone with only scars on his lungs. It's been 18 months and he loves being back on the golf course.


DEC. 2019

Herb Goddess- Melissa

I'm looking forward to more Testimonials like these! Essiac has done wonderful things for me, my family and my pets. My father in law absolutely says the tea has made a positive difference in his life at 91. He says it gives him energy and makes him "regular". 

 It only took a few days to notice positive results happening in my body from consuming such a small amount of Essiac tea.  My family and friends evaluations should start showing up soon. Since BigpHarma won't do clinical studies on Essiac, testimonials are what we have. And there are thousands from the past 100 years.

God has provided our medicines through plants and trees including the 4 Herb Essiac Tea.

 It's about options, choice and listening to your inner voice.  Essiac tea should be in every one's tool kit for better health! And don't forget your aging or sick pets!   Get Healthy. Be Healthy Stay Healthy!