Essiac Tea

Essiac is rapidly becoming a household word when it comes to alternative Cancer treatments, natural diabetes therapy, detoxification, Immunity enhancement, a general health tonic, or just a healthy few ounces of tea.
Essiac tea has earned a reputation as a safe nutritional approach to cancer and diabetes therapy because the herbs used in Essiac formula have been consumed as food, safely, since time.
However, one does not have to have cancer or diabetes to drink Essiac Tea. Essiac tea is now taken on a daily basis by many people for the purpose of maintaining good health and preventative measures against common ailments such as a cold or flu.
Disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. Whether you are here to prevent or fight, for you, a love one, or pet, we guarantee you complete satisfaction that your money is buying the best Essiac tea on the planet. 
We use the original 4 Herb Recipi with either 10% or 25% Sheep Sorrel Root. The recipe used by Nurse Rene Caisse who treated cancer patients successfully in Canada for 50 years. 
We offer you the herbs ready to make tea, which is pretty simple if you know how to boil water! The rest is timing and pouring. 
The four Herbs that make up Essiac Tea Include:
  • Sheep Sorrel plant (the root is very essential)
  • Burdock Root and Seeds
  • Slippery Elm Inner Bark
  • Turkey Rhubarb 

We do not purchase any Herbs from China. Only the USA.


Our recipe comes from a Sworn Affidavit by Nurse Caisse's best friend and assistant, Mary McPherson. (Affidavit). Mary and her husband were both cured of their cancer thanks to Essiac and Nurse Rene Caisse. Close to the end of Rene's life she authorized Mary to reveal the contents for Essiac (Caisse spelled backwards). Many called Essiac the "Tea of Life"

We give you that recipe if you prefer to buy the herbs and make it up yourself. It is a labor intensive process, but if you can save money then we want you to have it. Make sure you get the root, which is pricey, but essential. (Recipe Link)

According to Nurse Caisse, the root is "very essential" and "it is not Essiac without the root".

The root is not easy to come by, even on the internet. One reason for this is it must grow for at least 3 years for the beneficial medicinal properties. It is a small herb with small roots, and is labor intensive to harvest.

There is a lot of confusion from sellers promoting the herbs. Rene Caisse never revealed her recipe to any doctor although she did work with some. She did use the 4 and 8 herb recipe but in the end the 4 herb recipe was the recipe she allowed to be revealed to the public through her friend, Mary McPherson shortly before Rene died. 

One must be vigilant when buying, as some companies boast about having the root when in fact, it may just be a pinch which would not have significant health benefits. Most Essiac Tea sellers do not offer the Sheep Sorrel Root in their 4 or 8 herb mixture.  

It is vital to know the amount of root in each package, since it is the most important ingredient in the cancer and disease fighting tea. We guarantee 10% or 25% in each packet of herbs. 

This is what makes our Essiac Herb Tea stand out among our competitors. Plus, our herbs are very fresh and should last you up to 2 years when stored properly. The herbs are made up in controlled supplies projected by month to month sales. This keeps quality control and freshness. Our resealable Mylar packaging protects your health investment by not allowing light to the herbs. The mylar also protects from the postal service procedures, which radiates the packages for security purposes when going through their system. Both light and being radiated can affect potency and effectiveness of the tea.

One hundred years ago, natural products and the people promoting them were vilified. Rene Caisse knew this too well.  Unfortunately it is still happening today. Big Pharma cannot control a natural substance, therefore no serious clinical trials have taken place on Essiac from the BigP.  They don't want a natural cure for disease because then they can't control it.  
We believe food is Medicine and God gave us plants and trees for our healing. This tea formula has been used for centuries by the North American Indian tribes to cure diseases. These remarkable herb names were given to Nurse Caisse by a breast cancer survivor, and patient, that was cured by a Medicine man from a Canadian tribe 30 years prior. 


The famous Canadain Cancer Nurse Rene Caisse, who perfected and promoted Essiac Tea.
During Caisse's research and trials on cancer patients, most Stage lV, she accidentally learned the tea also had wonderful benefits for Type 2 Diabetes. Doctors were so amazed by the results of Nurse Caisse's work that they funded a clinic for the Canadian Nurse to research her herbal formula. 
When the government threatened to shut her down, 55,000 people, including doctors, signed a petition to allow her to continue her work. Many doctors encouraged her work and noted the beneficial results on their patients.
The harassment from the government and pressure from the pharmaceutical companies, including threats of arrest for "practicing without a license" created a lot of stress for Rene. After several years working the clinic, seeing 30-60 patients a day, she closed the clinic but continued to offer her services out of her apartment for no charge, although donations were accepted, which sometimes came in the form of eggs or home grown vegetables in exchange for services.
On Rene's 90th birthday, literally, bus loads of people came to help her celebrate. They were grateful for the extension to their own lives and came to offer well wishes to the woman they felt saved their lives.
We now offer 25% sheep sorrel root in an Extra-Strength Essiac Tea and continue to offer Original Blend 10% sheep sorrel root. The percentages given are the ratios by weight of sheep sorrel root to the total sheep sorrel content in our Essiac tea.  ORDER a 2-ounce or 1-pound package of either 10% original blend or 25% special blend or both!  (Click here to connect to product page for ordering
We drink Essiac tea simply as a general health tonic due to the gentle detox qualities for the kidney & liver, and assists the lymph system in purifying blood.