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ABOUT HERB GODDESS:  Welcome!  My name is Melissa. I chose Herb Goddess as my business name because I'm a believer in the power of Herbs, God and Essiac tea! Herb Goddess! 

My sister introduced me to the Essiac herbs. She told me the herbs allegedly healed thousands with cancer and other diseases.  I rolled my eyes. Perhaps you did too! Then I thought, well, why not? I have practiced natural medicine for health and wellness for 30 years. It's worked for me! Up until 100 years ago all our remedies came from Mother Nature. 

Essiac Tea has a great history. I'm moved and inspired to teach others about the special powers of these helpful Herbs. I'm convinced it should be in every household whether you are fighting an illness, or just want to prevent one. 

Many familiar and big names speak to the detoxing power of Essiac Herbal Tea.  The Susan Koman Foundation,  "The Truth About Cancer" documentary, Dr Axe, and Dr Jockers all speak about the beneficial effects of Essiac.

In Canada, Essiac  is a household name with 15% of all breast cancer patients drinking Essiac.

In China's Department of Health, Essiac formula was declared as a Class A medicine- which is a substance that deals with life threatening illnesses. 

Why did I seek out Essiac after hearing about it? Well, like you, I've lost too many loved ones, and cried too many tears. I've seen my friends and relatives go through the horrific effects of chemo and radiation.  I've always prayed for a better way. I truly believe I was led here. 

I've always been in the business of helping people, but I have a passion for animals. Essiac tea is safe for our dogs, cats and even horses. That gives me double pleasure. 

I could spend all day telling you about me, but I made this site for you, your loved ones and pets. You wouldn't be here if you had not heard of Essiac, the "tea of life". The story of Essiac is truly epic. Your life should be epic too! 

If you are here because you or a loved one are in the fight, remember this: "If you are going to fight, fight like the 3rd monkey on the ramp of Noah's Ark...and it's starting to rain!!!"  Me, I'm just here to supply the ammunition in your fight! 

Here is a picture of me, Melissa, at "The Truth About Cancer" Convention, 2019 in Los Angeles. It was a great educational experience. Plus, I got to educate others on Essiac Tea. It will be held in Nashville, TN. in 2020. 



Our Company consists of 5 different independent shops. Herb Goddess is just one. Each owner is part of the "Essiac Circle of Friends".  We share the same Tea Maker and Herbalist. We are not multi-level marketers.  We are people who are passionate about keeping the legacy of Nurse Caisse and Essiac Tea alive. We are small in size but big in heart. We believe our bodies immune systems can heal our ills if provided the right tools. We believe in Health Freedom and the choice to heal your body as YOU see fit. 

Our Tea Maker's main goal is to provide the finest Essiac Herbal Tea the planet has to offer and to continue the Legacy of Nurse Rene Caisse. 

Our Tea Maker was healed by Essiac Tea 17 years ago, and he has been growing, harvesting, making, perfecting and packaging the health tonic ever since. 

This is his amazing Essiac Tea testimonial:

"I was greatly debilitated with what the doctors diagnosed as "Asthma" for about seven years. I had difficulty breathing so I became dependent upon a prescribed inhaler, using it throughout the day, whenever I was short of breath. I also experienced brain fog and lack of energy on a daily basis.

I started using Essiac tea and noticed an improvement in well-being in just a few days. After a couple of weeks or so, my health improved dramatically.

After several months of drinking Essiac my health continued to improve. I then went cold-turkey on the inhaler and within three days the last vestige of my symptoms disappeared and have never returned." 

I have since communicated with many cancer patients who have reported positive results with Essiac. However, most people don't know that Essiac is good for many other conditions as well. In my opinion Essiac is a foundational tea for maintaining good health, because it supports so many body systems."

We don't aspire to make lots of money, (actually, that would be impossible because of limited  Sheep Sorrel Root!) Our only wish is to help you, a loved one, or pet with health challenges. Our tea is the Gold Standard "Limited Edition" and you will know it when you see it, taste it and use it! 

Our tea is competitive in price and may be a little higher. We do not apologize for this.  Our tea has 10% to 25% Sheep Sorrel Root (SHEEP SORRELwhich is the "magic" in the herbs. Many competitors do not use the root. Or not enough to make a difference. It is labor intensive and hard to get and quite expensive. ($200-400 a pound). 

Our tea is organically grown or wild harvested in the best conditions and at the best times. The herbs are powdered and ground up and sent in a reusable, quality Mylar bag to keep the herbs for longer efficiency to not allow light in, and to protect from postal radiation which could ruin the effectiveness of the tea.

Our tea maker thinks of it all, so you don't have to. 

On a side note we know some can't afford what insurance doesn't cover. So, we give the herb recipe to you, for free. If you have the time we want you to have the same opportunity to prevent or fight. Just make sure you buy from good, reputable sources.  And don't forget the root part of the Sheep Sorrel Herb. Again, it is essential. 


Everyone wants great "health-care".  I'm still looking for the "health" in care today.  

In 1970, 1 in 20 people were diagnosed with cancer, mostly lifestyle or age related. Today 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 2 men will suffer from the devastating "C".

Our healthcare has failed us. Even with Chemo, there is only a 30% survival rate after 5 years. I don't call that a good report card! But I also don't judge you if that is your choice. It is between you and your doctor.

People use Essiac during their course of chemo and radiation because they report it lessens the harsh symptoms that come with the toxic treatments. 

I read this from Dr Jockers article about Chemo and Essiac.

"This dilemma begs the question, why is such a toxic drug (Chemo) approved for use in cancer treatment and yet an herbal extract (Essiac) lacks study in clinical trials?"

Good Question. 

30% survive with Chemo, but never unscathed.  Treatment is your decision. Don't be idle about it.  Work WITH your Doctor or health advocate professional on what you want your treatment to be. Be a part of the game plan. Don't be a by-stander. Don't live in fear. It's time to be the Victor and not the victim! Get in the game!

We must fight for our pets too! One out of two dogs are getting Cancer!  Most of us don't have the money to have our pets go through Chemo or radiation. Nor would we want them to. There are many success stories how Essiac has helped pets survive their illnesses. One testimonial you may have read is about a dog, diagnosed with Cancer. He was given Essiac and goes on to live another 8 years! That's hope! Our pets are considered family and they deserve the same chance at a comfortable, extended life, as the rest of us! They depend on us. 

Now, it would be against the law for me to tell you that these herbs, when made into a tea, could heal your disorders. However, there are 1,000's of testimonials that say the one thing I cannot say. Essiac was part of the protocol in their cancer fight, and they won! 

We all have stories created out of pain, suffering, tears, loss and mourning. It's time to re-write this script to bring hope, joy, laughter and wellness into focus for you, a loved one or pet. 

If you have a question about Essiac that you can't find on this site, Contact me! If I don't know the answer, our "Essiac Circle of Friends" will know! 


Once I felt like I had researched enough to be the walking Encyclopedia on Essiac,  I started learning about the companies selling Essiac.  I was able to differentiate between what each company has (or does not have) to offer.

In conclusion, I was the one to seek out the tea maker for THIS particular Essiac Tea.  After buying, trying and tasting different Essiacs, I found the quality of this one to be the best indeed. The best in taste, appearance, color, texture, freshness and packaging. I believe in THIS Essiac tea Herbal product so much, I'm coming out of retirement to educate people and offer these extraordinary Herbs.  

In the 1000's of testimonials I've read, the commonality for surviving cancer is, Diet, (eliminating sugar) Essiac tea, Whole food and Nutrition, Laughter and Prayer/Meditaion.   I heard and read this over and over. From bad news to amazing news. Dark to Light. I want you to have amazing news! It takes commitment and a fighting attitude. 

No matter where you or your loved is in the fight, our Essiac can help. We guarantee you will find improvement in your health and well-ness, or we will refund your money.**

Better yet, don't wait until you are in the "fight". Start now to prevent from ever having to fight!  Build your immune system. Detox your organs. Improve your body, improve your life. 

More health and wellness teas and oils will be added to Herb Goddess soon. We are new. Stay tuned. 

 **If you are not satisfied with this product, return all unopened packages for a full refund.**