Laughter, the Best Medicine

I'm devoting this page to laugher, because laughter IS the best medicine. First up, I am adding a long list of comedy movies.  My Twitter Friends helped me with this list. Let me know if you can add to it, but there is enough here to keep you laughing for a while!

One reason I'm making this list is that I read an article about a woman who healed her cancer and she said she did it through laughter. Once she received her diagnosis, she started watching nothing but funny movies. She did this for several months and when she went back to the Doctor her cancer was gone. Mental health is a important component when you are fighting a disease. Laughing and forgiving can go a long way. Work on your stress level.  You relax when you laugh and don't think of your stress. The list is long but I will keep it here so you can reference it whenever you want.  Print it off and save it or send it to a friend that needs some laughter. 

The movies are listed alphabetically, kind of!

A Fish Called Wanda                           Parenthood

Airplane                                             Paul

All of Me                                            Pet Detective

Along Came Polly                                Pink Panther Series

Arsenic                                               Planes, Trains & Automobiles

As Good As It Gets                              Porkey's

Back to School                                    Pushing Tim  

Bad Teacher                                        RV

Beerfest                                              Raising Arizona

Better Off Dead                                    Rat Race

Best Friends                                        Road Trip

Best In Show                                       Roxanne

Beverly Hills Cop                                  Rush Hour

Big Trouble                                          Secondhand Lions

Blazing Saddles                                   See No Evil, Hear No Evil  

Bowfinger                                           Shanghai Noon

Bridesmaids                                        Soapdish

Bring Down the House                         So I Married an Ax Murderer 

Caddy Shack                                       Something About Mary

Cannonball Run                                   Something Wild 

Christmas Vacation                              Spaceballs

City Slickers                                        Spys

Cold Comfort Farm                              Stardust

Cop and Robertsons                             Step Brothers                 

Dead Pool                                            Stuber 

Dolamite                                             Superbad

Don't Tell Her It's Me                            Super Trippers

Double Take                                        Take It Way Back            

Drop Dead Fred                                   The Birdcage

Elf                                                      The Caddy

Extract                                                The Campaign 

Galaxy Quest                                       The Court Jester        

Game Night                                         The Glass Bottom Boat                          

Gentleman Broncos                              The Heat

Get Smart                                            The Jerk                

Ghost Busters                                      The Great Outdoors

Goldmember                                        The Hangover

Grosse Point                                        The Grand Budapest Hotel

Guardians of the Galaxy                        The Inspector General

Hail Ceasar                                          The Hot Chick

Heart Breaker                                      The In-Laws

High Anxiety                                        The Ghost and Mr Chicken

High Fidelity                                        The Man That Knew To Little

Hitch                                                   The Money Pit

Hobbs and Shaw                                  The Naked Gun

Holy Grail                                             The Nutty Professor

House Party                                         The Other Woman

How to be a Latin Lover                        The Philadelphia Story

I Love You to Death                               The Private Eye

Identity Thief                                        The Spy Who Dumped Me

Idiocracy                                              The Princess Bride

Joe Dirt                                                The Ref

Johnny Dangerously                               The Survivors

Just Friends                                          The Super

Just Go With It                                      Tommy Boy

Knights of Badassdom                            Three Amigos

Little Miss Sunshine                               This is a Spinal Tap

Lost in Paradise                                     Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Match Breaker                                        Trading Places

Major Payne                                            Uncle Buck

Man Up                                                  Vacation 

Master of Disguise                                   Wedding Crashers

May the Schwartz Be With You                  Wedding Singer

Meet the Parents                                      What About Bob

Men in Black                                             What's Up Doc

Miss Congeniality                                      What's up Tiger Lily                                                    

Money Talks                                              Walk Don't Run                      

Money Pit                                                 Welcome Home Roscoe                                         

Monster In Law                                         Week End at Bernies

Monty Python Movies                                 Wild Hogs

My Big Fat Greek Wedding                          Whew in Rome

My Blue Heaven                                         Where Art Thou

My Cousin Vinny                                         Without a Paddle

Napoleon Dynamite                                    Young Frankenstein 

Night Shift                                                 Zoolander

Nights at the Museum                                Zorro the Gay Blade

Office Space                                                          

Oh Brother

Old Lace

Old School

Orange County

Opportunity Knocks

Over The Hedge