Essiac is a medicinal tea made up of herbs. Nurse Rene Caisse who made the tea famous, named it Essiac, which is the spelling of her last name backwards. She treated 1,000's of patients allegedly healing many from their cancer (including Stage lV). 


Our Essiac is a 4 Herb Formula, which was formulated by Nurse Rene Caisse and revealed by her assistant and friend towards the end of Rene's life, with Rene's full consent. (Sworn Affidavit & Recipe)

The 8 Herb tea was used earlier in her career, when she worked with Dr. Brusch, the personal physician to President Robert F. Kennedy.  He went on to sell the eight herb formula which also has kelp (which some people are unable to tolerate due to seafood allergies)  Red Clover, (which makes the tea more bitter tasting), Watercress and Blessed Thistle.  

In the end, Rene shared her secret to the world with her 4 herb tea of Sheep sorrel with root, Burdock root and seeds, Slippery Elm and Turkey Rhubarb. (Rene did use Indian Rhubarb but changed it out as the Turkey Rhubarb has same affect but tastes better).

Although she worked with Dr. Brusch with the 8 herbs, she never revealed to any doctor, her proven recipe.  She reportedly went on to treat thousands of people, many successfully, with cancer and disease using the 4 Herb formula as the Affidavit notes. 


Nice. Mild. Earthy. Pleasant.


If you have a health issue  2 Oz in AM on empty stomach. Wait one hour before eating. Then 2 OZ again in the Evening before retiring and at least 2 hours after eating.  Some do take it 3 times a day, but more doesn't mean better. If you drink too much you will get loose stools. Back off if this occurs.  

If you are taking the tea for preventative or to boost your immune system. 2 OZ in AM on an empty stomach. Wait one hour before eating. If this is inconvenient, take the 2 OZ before bedtime at least two hours after eating. 

If you want the tea warm add two ounces of hot water to 2 ounces of Essiac. Never microwave the tea. 


Also should be given on a empty stomach, with a plastic syringe (without needle).  A turkey baster works well for big dogs according to my friend! 


Pet dosage is by weight:

5-10 lb pet               1/2 tsp of Essiac 

10-20 lb pet             1 teaspoon 

20-40 lb dog            1 1/2 teaspoons

40-50 lb dog            2 teaspoons 

50-75 lb dog            1 Tablespoon

75-100 lb dog          1 1/2 TBSP

Over 100                   1 OZ.

You can build up to more but if you see loose stools back off to a lower dosage. Remember, more doesn't always mean better. These are powerful, medicinal herbs.  Dogs and cats have a different type of digestive system than humans. Start low and work up. But never too much. You may need to experiment a bit. 



It depends.  Special blend 10% sheep sorrel root is for preventative or maintenance. The extra strength 25% is an option for you if you are in a health challenge giving you 2 1/2 times more sheep sorrel root. Once your health issues improve, a 10% strength for maintenance should be fine. It is really just a personal choice. 

The two ounce pack is enough tea for a month for one person. You should see positive results within a week or two.  The 2 OZ packet is enough to notice changes and to see if you want to continue on.

Buying 1 lb bulk size will give you a huge savings. A one bulk size will last at least 8 months.

Whether you are preventing or maintaining for best results you should extend the time to at least 8 months. 

2 years is the recommended amount to stay on the tea if you are fighting a disease. 

Some continue to take it for life. Others take it just in the winters as to not catch flu or colds. 

Everyone drinking the tea should allow a few days off of the tea each month to give your organs a detox break. 



There has never been any known health risk to taking Essiac. However if you drink too much you may get loose stools. If this occurs back off the dosage starting with a smaller amount and work up. The herbs should not be taken if you are pregnant, nursing, have a kidney disorder, or a brain tumor.  The synergistic power of the herbs can cause a tumor to increase in size before it starts to diminish and remove itself.  This is risky if the tumor is in the brain. Mild headache may occur but this could be from the detox of toxins. It should go away. Drink plenty of water. Essiac can cause more frequent urination so make sure to stay hydrated.  If you have a unhealthy lifestyle, Essiac should not be your only change. Healthy, whole foods are also essential if you if you hope to conquer your health woes. 




Our tea is not mass produced. That is why I call it "Limited Edition". Sometimes we run low. Everything with our herbs is done by human labor without machines or a big factory or facilities.  As our tea maker says, our Essiac tea is "Better than organic"and calls it "The Gold Standard". It is perfection. The herbs are the best. Organically grown in rich sandy soils and with some wild harvesting as long as it's far away from roads and pollution. The freshness and preservation of the Herbs is important. The soil preparation with nutrients and minerals. Length of growing times. Even the water used. Harvesting at the most critical times to get the best benefit of the Herbs. And the professional packaging in a quality mylar bag maintains the freshness of the tea for several years when stored in a cool, dark space.

Our tea maker remains adamant about making the BEST ESSIAC on the planet and not diverting from the original recipe but always improving the herbs that go into the Essiac formula. He calls it "the Gold Standard".  He has been making this formula for 17 years.  NONE of the Herbs come from China. All from the USA. And only the BEST. 



In the 1920's the elites like Rockefeller and the Carnagies, started the  Medical Schools and created bigPharma. At this time there was many successful naturalists and doctors who made successful medicines from herbs and other plants and trees.  Much like today, politics were involved and lots of money. The elites, who had skin in the game, demonized the naturalists to promote their doctors from their medical schools.  The business structure trained the new doctors to use the new medicines and vaccines in their practices to create "better outcomes."  New chemically oriented medicines were being pumped out from the pharmacies which Rockefeller also owned. It was the perfect business model and the same one that is used today. Sadly, years and centuries of known cures and great natural medicines were vilified and many peoples careers were ruined by this new campaign. Centuries old recipes of natural medicines that worked from Mother Nature were sadly forgotten about and abandoned. Nurse Caisse saw all this happening. 

She knew and worked with the Dr. Banting, who invented insulin for diabetics. His life saving insulin was shelved for 13 years, because he was not an "insider". (Think of all the people who died because insulin was shelved for 13 years.) Nurse Caisse did not want this happening to her Essiac herbs for healing. She worked with doctors but NEVER gave out her recipe. She was nearly arrested on many occasions for "practicing without a license". She was harassed and demonized for years. When she threatened to stop treating people with Essiac, 55,000 people signed petitions to persuade the Canadian government to let her continue her work. Doctors sent her their Stage IV cancer patients who they had given up hope for. She healed many of them and extended life with little pain for others. The doctors were so impressed by her work, they even funded a clinic for her to treat patients.   

Of course the big pharmacy companies wanted her recipe, but she would not give it out unless they would do more clinical studies, and admit to the positive merits, affects and benefits of Essiac. But they would not do that until she gave them the recipe. So there was a 50 year stand off and neither got their way. 

Rene Caisse closed her clinic because of the stress, harassment and politics but continued treating patients for 50 years with Essiac from her apartment.  

On her 90th birthday, literally 100's of people, were transported in by buses. They came to celebrate the woman that gave them a second chance at life. Nurse Caisse and Essiac is a epic story that needs to be remembered. 


(Below are some inserts of different books on Essiac Tea)

Types of Cancers Successfully Treated by Rene M. Caisse

"At least eighteen different types of cancers from the Bracebridge [Cancer Clinic] case histories are on record as having been successfully treated with the tea.  This include cancers of: the breast, cheek, kidney, pancreas, stomach, bladder, oesophagus, jaw, penis, uterus, cervix, ear, lip, prostate, bowel, chin, nose, rectum.

Many of the cancers successfully treated since 1977 are included in the list of early case histories.  Others reported are cancer of: the brain, tonsils, bone, ovaries, eye, salivary gland as well as lymphatic leukaemia and lymphoma."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 41]

"Essiac's primary function appears to boost the immune system and stimulate feelings of well-being in whoever is using the tea, as well as possibly providing some general remedial value in treating cancerous conditions.  Considering this, Essiac may have some beneficial effects on any cancer, both primary and metastatic, depending on the individual person. [ESSIAC-THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY,  p. 121]

"In the past, Rene Caisse treated a variety of cancerous conditions, most of them considered beyond all medical help.  Diagnoses then were usually confirmed by clinical examinations, X-rays and sometimes with a biopsy.  Her case histories revealed favorable results in the treatment of all types of facial and head cancers; those of every internal organ, including the liver and pancreas, two of the most difficult to arrest; cancers of the male and female organs, lymph glands and others.  Many patients treated by the nurse improved and some completely healed.  Nor were these improvements limited to cancer cases exclusively.  Cysts, fibroid tumors, chronic mastitis and ulcers similarly responded to her therapy.  Today's cancers treated successfully with this remedy include those already mentioned, as well as tumors of the brain, bone, eye, ovaries, salivary glands, tonsils and even leukemia."  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC by Sheila Snow, p. 126]

Rene Caisse stated:  "After a few treatments, patients seemed to throw off their depression, fear and distress.  Their outlook became optimistic and as pain decreased, they became happy and talkative.  I can truthfully say that I have in many cases been able to stay the disease and in some really bad cases, prolong life.  In practically all cases, pain and suffering were alleviated so that the patient was not compelled to resort to opiates or narcotics in increasing doses, as usually is the case.  My decoction is a non-toxic drink made from herbs which are of definite benefit for cancer."  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, p. 122-3]

Other Conditions Treated by Rene Caisse with Essiac in the Bracebridge Cancer Clinic Case histories that responded favorably to treatment were: Cysts, ulcers, benign tumours, chronic stomach and bowel problems, as well as goiters."

Authors Sheila Snow and Mali Klein also stated:  "We have had reports of people with diabetes reducing their daily insulin levels after some months of taking Essiac.  Chronic candida problems have disappeared completely.  Related to this, women who have been prone to candida infections as a result of taking antibiotics have reported that they have had no recurrence of the problem since taking the Essiac formula."  [Quotes above taken from ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 42]

"Essiac's primary function appears to boost the immune system and stimulate feelings of well-being in whoever is using the tea, as well as possibly providing some general remedial value in treating cancerous conditions.  Considering this, Essiac may have some beneficial effect on any cancer, both primary and metastatic, depending on the individual person."  [ESSIAC--THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY, p. 121]

"Cysts, fibroid tumors, chronic mastitis and ulcers similarly responded to her therapy.  The list of other conditions reportedly alleviated with the four herbs is quite lengthy....Most remarkably, AIDS and HIV blood counts have improved, psoriasis and shingles have cleared up, and arthritic patients have noted a reduction in pain as well as an increase in the flexibility of their bones and joints.  As in the past, reports continue to praise the remedy's calming effects, an increase in energy levels and the stabilization of sleeping patterns, affording weary patients some much needed, restorative rest."  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC by Sheila Snow, p. 126-7]

Rene Caisse stated:  "Other observations I've made over my years of practice:  My remedy allowed patients to sleep in greater comfort than they had in the past.  The increase in appetite and weight, diminished pain, decrease in tumor size and longer life span were all attested to by doctors in attendance.  Dr. Banting, who examined case after case, was especially impressed with the effects of Essiac on the pancreas and possibly other sluggish glands which it seemed to restore to activity.  Other doctors who examined my patients discovered that my remedy had a special effect on the liver.  After taking blood counts they found hemoglobin and white cell platelets had returned to normal."  [ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, p. 125]